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ICAP is the world’s premier voice and electronic interdealer broker and provider of post-trade services. The Group is active in the wholesale markets in interest rates, credit, commodities, FX, emerging markets, equities and equity derivatives. ICAP has an average daily transaction volume in excess of $2.3 trillion, more than 40% of which is electronic.
We are active in both established and emerging markets and operate a global network covering more than 50 countries.
We believe that we can best provide the service our customers need by combining the strengths of our people together with technology – continuing to set the standard for our industry.
Our goal is to be the leading global intermediary and post-trade services provider in the wholesale OTC markets. We aim to have at least a 35% share of overall interdealer market revenues and generate 50% of our operating profit* from electronic broking.
Our relationships with our customers, shareholders, staff and all other stakeholders are based on candour, clarity and transparency
We place our customers at the heart of our business. As our customers change and adapt to the opportunities they identify in a rapidly evolving marketplace, our success is based on our ability to move quickly in response to those changes
With our comprehensive understanding of the challenges and pressures our customers face we work in partnership with them and leverage our expertise to deliver efficient and effective local, regional and global solutions
We believe that innovation is driven by people and technology, working together. ICAP is characterised by the inventiveness of its people. We recognise and reward new ideas, approaches and applications and strive to set new standards of innovation, best practice and process.
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