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Baxter Financial Services Ltd. is a global group specializing in brokerage and trading on the foreign exchange market.
The company is an authorised financial intermediary regulated by the Irish Financial Regulator under MiFID guidelines. Futures business is carried out by two in house ICE executing brokers with NFA membership. With offices in Australia and Europe, we provide access to an electronic trading network to some of the top tier 1 banks in the world. The demanding characteristics of the FOREX created a need for anytime, anywhere trading services. Our team of experts foresaw evolving trends and shaped products to adapt to technically challenging aspects of tomorrow's capital markets. By combining over ten years of experience, we are able to offer innovative products for institutional professionals as well as retail users.
Baxter-FX's 10 years of experience in FX trading and proven functionality has allowed a responsive culture to create a simple strategy: develop ultra efficient trading models and integrate them to the customer's environment and systems. By working closely with our customers and partners through its own proprietary research and development operation, Baxter-FX delivers solutions for better trading in FX markets.
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